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Thermal imaging is very cost effective.
…especially when compared to other diagnostic methods.
You are saving  money and time because:
• Thermography looks at the animal’s entire  body (unlike other techniques) to identify areas where the dysfunctions originate
• Thermal imaging is mobile – we can come to your  stable, barn, kennels, farm, or even your home or veterinary clinic
• It is non-invasive, sedation free and there are no consumables.
Our simple, straight forward rates are listed below.

Full Body Thermography
Equine/Cattle – Full Body:  $200.00
Small Animals – Full Body:    
Large Animals - Region of Interest Thermography
Equine/Cattle – Region of Interest:  $75.00
Saddle Fitting
Including horse's back:  $50.00
Before and after use: $25.00
Small Animals - Region of Interest Thermography
Small Animals – Region of Interest:  $50.00

* Please contact us to discuss customized price packages to fit your needs. 
* Payment is due at the time of screening.
  Discounts are available for:
  • sessions where multiple animals are screened
• scheduling follow-up  session for monitoring the progress of healing  or preventative purposes.
  Additional charges are applied:
  • for travel over 200 km from Saskatoon area
• if appointment is cancelled in less than 24 hrs you will owe 50% of the quoted prices

Thermal Imaging Canada will not Diagnose for you. This is not an x-ray. Thermal imaging is extremely helpful in identifying where the body is producing the most heat, enabling a more focused and precise location for further examination by your chosen health care professional.

Reports will be emailed to the client after processing. All prices include reporting which are designed for ease of reading and carry a full description and interpretation of images taken.

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For rates and more information about Thermal Imaging Canada services,
please email us at or call at 306-361-1163

Technicians:  Carolyn Kemps & Megan Kemps
Thermal Imaging Canada is available by appointment at events, ranch calls and in-house appointments.

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