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Thermal Imaging is an exciting tool for the pet owner, allowing you to monitor your animals' health and pick up conditions which could be overlooked. This allows quicker treatment usually saving your animal distress and you money. If you own a pedigree dog or cat, it is a sad fact that they are more likely to suffer from hereditary conditions. With animal thermography you can detect these conditions earlier, begin treatment, and enjoy a better prognosis.

Research has shown that 80% of older cats could be suffering with bad backs, which they mask as an innate protective response, if you cat has become lethargic, is spending more time asleep or doesn't enjoy being stroked as much as it used to, there could be an underlying back problem.

Back and joint problems in dogs can also be picked-up before they cause undue discomfort to your pet, and allowing early treatment which in most cases is quicker, more effective and less expensive.

Cats - click to enlargeIf you are feeding your pet herbal or homeopathic remedies for conditions such as arthritis, or they are under prescribed medication, the efficacy of these can also be monitored and shared with your Vet or physiotherapist through the objective results of infrared imaging.

White cats are sometimes susceptible to developing malignant growths, particularly on the ears and nose. Thermal Imaging is effective in the early detection of problems as the growth brings with it its own vasculature, and therefore increased blood flow. Skin lesions and conditions in dogs will also be pick up within the report.

Domesticated cats and dogs can have dental problems. Looking inside the mouth with a thermal imaging camera can detect teeth which appear cooler. This is due to a decreased in blood flow as the pulp inside the tooth dies, or as the resulting pressure from an abscess builds and restricts flow, and can be an early indicator that intervention or an extraction may be necessary.

RabbitRABBITS can have musculo-skeletal problems as well. Back and hind leg problems are common and treatable with physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment. A thermogram will help you monitor your rabbit's health.

BIRDS have feathers which act as insulators so thermography is only effective in detecting and monitoring leg conditions such as arthritis, damage to toes and areas of poor circulation. It is very effective for this purpose.

Complete Companion Animal Thermography takes about half an hour. We'll start by taking a complete history of your animal and collecting some basic details. Then they will be imaged from all angles. You will be asked to hold and position your pet for the images. If you have concerns about a lameness that develops after walks, we'll also image your animal after a short work-out.

Thermal Imaging for all animals is non-invasive, doesn't emit any radiation, and doesn't require your animal to be anaesthetised. It shows where there are any problem areas, pinpointing a location so that your vet can perform specific tests, and also highlights where there may be secondary problems or other affected joints which could be overlooked.

  Cost for Companion Animals, all views, detailed report and copies of images:  $100.00
  Thermal Imaging Canada is available for house calls, mileage extra.  
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